Farmer Circles are peer-to-peer learning communities for farmers interested in sharing obstacles and strategies in a small, semi-structured, supportive environment. Each project year, farmers will join a circle focused on a topic or issue that interests them and explore this topic together. In addition to digging into a particular topic together, these circles will provide CT farmers with a social network that they can rely on to counter the stresses and risks of farming. The facilitator of each group will receive a stipend of $800 and have the chance to develop their skills as a group leader as they work with NCTFA and NOFA to create a successful learning environment.


Based on The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association’s successful journey person program, this program offers accepted, newly independent farmers mentor-matching, technical assistance, educational stipends and small capital improvement grants.  Designed to fill the education gap between being an apprentice and an independent farmer, this program provides the resources and opportunities for new farmers to develop their skills already established in farm-training programs and/or apprenticeships.  This program is individualized and meant to be shaped by the interests and goals of each participant