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What is TOPP?

CT NOFA is proud to be a Core Partner in the Northeast Transition to Organic Partnership Program (TOPP), a mentorship program that pairs experienced organic producers with producers who are transitioning to organic. This community agreement is sponsored by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service and will continue through October of 2027.

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Farmer to Farmer Coffee Hour #3 (Virtual)

Topic: Record Keeping Speaker: Sequana Seltzer

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how to take part

CT NOFA will be connecting paid organic certification mentors to mentees for one year. The mentorship program is ongoing and applications will be accepted throughout 2024. CT NOFA staff will assist with helping mentee farmers to navigate the organic certification process. 

We welcome partner non-profit or public organizations to work with CT NOFA to provide community building opportunities, technical assistance, train-the-mentor support, and workshop and field day activities covering topics including organic production practices, certification, conservation planning, business development, regulations, and marketing.

ct nofa is currently accepting applications for:

Mentor Farmers

who have at least 3 years' organic farming experience working directly on farm production, business management, and/or organic certification. This could include experience as an employee, manager, or owner of an organic operation or someone with at least 3 years experience with organic certification.

Mentee Farmers

who have at least 2 years' experience owning or operating a farm including owners, employees, or managers. If you are planning to transition an operation to organic, in the process of transitioning an operation to organic, and/or starting a new certified organic operation, we welcome you to apply to join our mentorship program.

Technical Experts

who are interested in helping provide guidance on specific topics, skills, or areas of interest to farmers who are transitioning to organic methods.

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Please note that application does not guarantee acceptance.

Farmer Roundtables

Provided courtesy of the New Connecticut Farmer Alliance

Cover Cropping on Small Farms

Greenhouse Tomato Growing

Scaling Up the Small Farm

Program news

TOPP Climate Smart Field Days
CT NOFA is excited to announce a series of 2024 field days as part of the Transition to Organic Partnership Program (TOPP), a national program that helps farmers navigate challenges related to organic certification and provides mentorships and technical assistance to those who are considering it. Registration links are provided, below, for each of the...
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TOPP Mentorship Program Applications Open
After successful pairings of experienced organic growers with transitioning-to-organic growers in 2023, CT NOFA seeks additional applicants for future cohorts of mentor/mentee pairings. The Northeast/ Mid-Atlantic Transition to Organic Partnership Program (TOPP) mentorship program pairs experienced organic producers and producers transitioning to organic, supports the transition process, and creates a stronger network of organic producers...
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The Venture Farming Institute Announces Free Agricultural Training for Aspiring BIPOC Farmers
The Venture Farming Institute (VFI) is an intensive training experience designed for new and beginning farmers of color in CT and RI. This training will feature trainers of color while centering Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) voices and experiences on farming and land stewardship in CT and RI. VFI will strengthen the resilience and...
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TOPP Farmer Roundtable Videos Available
In 2023, CT NOFA co-hosted three roundtables as part of the Transition to Organic Partnership Program (TOPP) to provide knowledge and expertise to farmers who are seeking to transition to certified organic growing practices. The recordings of these roundtables are now available, below (courtesy of the New Connecticut Farmer Alliance). Click here to learn more...
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