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TOPP Climate Smart Field Days

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CT NOFA is excited to announce a series of 2024 field days as part of the Transition to Organic Partnership Program (TOPP), a national program that helps farmers navigate challenges related to organic certification and provides mentorships and technical assistance to those who are considering it. Registration links are provided, below, for each of the field day courses. For more information about TOPP, visit our website.

High Tunnels: How to Get and Use Them

High tunnels can provide farmers with many benefits,  such as longer growing season, reduction of environmental stress, temperature and moisture control, among others.  The Field Day will cover climate smart high tunnel production practices and benefits. There will also be a discussion of how to get funding to install your own high tunnel. Lunch will be provided.


Safe & Efficient Water Management

Too much water? Not enough water? Climate change in Connecticut continues to impact farms every year and incorporating different water management techniques can mean the difference between a successful season and not. Libby from Russo’s Roots will go over the different water management techniques used on their farm, water sources, using timers for watering, and the different nozzles they use when doing overhead watering. We’ll also touch on what hasn’t worked in the past and changes they’d like to make in the future.


Energy Efficiency on the Farm

Ridge vents? Shade cloths? As temperatures continue to rise, finding ways to protect your crops in the high heat of the season is just one more thing for farmers to worry about, including the raising energy bills! Implementing new strategies on the farm can be expensive so learn about what’s out there before making that big purchase. Aaron from Four Root Farm will go over some of the techniques they’ve implemented over the years to help with Energy Efficiency on the farm and the benefits they’ve seen as a result.


Soil Health Assessment 3 Ways: Biological, Chemical, Physical

We will break down the various ways we study soil to get a complete picture of how well our soil functions as a living ecosystem.  The Field Day will cover the various testing methods that evaluate the physical structure of soil, chemical composition and biological activity as well as address how these methods of testing can be incorporated into your soil management plan.   Lunch will be provided.


Soil Health Benefits of No-Till Production

Are you thinking of trying out some new soil health practices on your farm? Join us at Sweet Acre Farm to learn about what practices they’ve implemented over the years and the changes they’re seeing in their soil. They’ll discuss low/no-till methods, cover crops, field rotation, and how they’ve begun to integrate their flock of chickens into their field plans.


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