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Soil Carbon Initiative

No-till and Soil Health Class Continues with River COG in Essex, CT

Take a good look at the living biology of soil under a microscope is a key skill in building soil carbon and healthy plants. NOFA has teamed up with the…
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Life in the “dead” of winter – High Tunnels alive and well in CT

An update from NOFA’s technical consultant and “embedded” reporter, Monique Bosch During this ‘dormant’ time of year, it’s refreshing to see cold season crops flourishing in high tunnels across the…
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No-Till Field Day at Sub Edge Farm

Join us for a fall field day focused on no-till and cover crop methods, to include a presentation by Julie Fine of Johnny Selected Seeds as well as field demonstrations…
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Organic No-Till Farming Research Initiative: An Update

From NOFA’s technical consultant and “embedded” reporter, Monique Bosch Under the Microscope at Assawaga Farm We visited Assawaga Farm in late September to take a peak at how microbes are…
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Carbon Farming: Organic no-till initiative launches across 3 organic farms

Connecticut NOFA is proud to participate in a partnership with Massachusetts, New Jersey and Vermont NOFAs in launching a three-year study of no-till organic farming across 12 organic farms in…
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