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Food Organizations: Input Needed!

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The CT State Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity, and Opportunity is putting together a database of food organizations in the state and wants as many as possible to be included.

Who Should Fill Out the Form?

Farmers, Grocers, Food banks and pantries, nonprofits, mutual aid, restaurants, food hubs, and any other company or organization that produces, provides, sells, or works with food!

What Will the Information Be Used For?

A database of food organizations in the state and a short survey of needs and priorities whose findings will be included in a report on food security in CT.

Why Use This Form?

The Commission is hoping to use the form to provide several benefits to organizations after they complete it:

  1. Data sharing: the data generated by section 3 of this form will be made available to everyone(email duborg@cga.ct.gov if you need data before it is published), and can be used for websites, grant applications, etc.
  2. Updates: This database will be used as a mailing list to share important information (events, policy updates, grant opportunities, data, etc.)
  3. Connections: Once it is complete, the database will be available to all organizations who fill out the form, allowing you to connect with other organizations across the state. If you give permission in the form, you’ll also be included in the public-facing version so people can more easily find you!
  4. Sharing Needs with Policymakers: the needs and priorities identified in section 3 will be featured in the Commission’s annual report on food security and will inform the Commission’s work on food and nutrition items in the state legislature.

How Can I Participate?

Click here to fill out the form. (It will take 5-10 minutes.)

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