Sefra Alexandra & Dina Brewster

Sefra Alexandra, the Seed Huntress, is an endurance race ethnobotanist on a hunt to preserve the biodiversity of our wild and cultivated lands through seed conservation. She is a Genebank Impacts Fellow for the Crop Trust which oversees our global seed banking network, has fortified community seed banks on island nations after national disasters , and championed the revival of the almost lost Southport Globe Onion heirloom in her Connecticut hometown. Sefra holds her M.A.T. in agroecological education from Cornell University, is a certified wilderness skill & permacultural design instructor as well as a WINGS WorldQuest expedition flag carrier & member of the Explorers Club. She believes seed sovereignty is one of our greatest tools of regenerative resilience – save seeds | seeds save.

Dina Brewster founded The Hickories in Ridgefield as a one acre vegetable garden and has overseen the development of new products and new acreage as the farm business has grown. Committed to connecting people with working land, the Brewster’s have stewarded this farm since 1936. She is the former Executive Director of CT NOFA.