The Newport Garden Club invites the public to hear a talk by

Sefra Alexandra, known as The Seedhuntress, at Honyman Hall at Trinity Church,

1 Queen Anne Square in Newport, at 2pm on November 10th.  The lecture is free and

members of the public are invited to bring seeds to participate in a seed swap after the


Sefra Alexandra, the Seed Huntress, is an endurance race ethnobotanist on a

hunt to preserve the biodiversity of our wild and cultivated lands through seed

conservation. She is a Genebank Impacts Fellow for the Crop Trust which oversees a

global seed banking network.  She has fortified community seed banks on island nations

after national disasters and championed the revival of the almost lost Southport Globe

Onion heirloom in her Connecticut hometown as featured in Forbes magazine. She

believes seed sovereignty is one of our greatest tools of regenerative resilience.

Currently she is leading the Ecotype Project for the Northeast Organic Farming

Association of Connecticut – fortifying a truly local native seed supply chain in the

Northeast with organic farmers so we can put the right plants in the right place!

Reservations are not required for the November 10th lecture but seating is