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Vegetable Production Crew

Employer: Root 5 Farm

Work Location: Fairlee, VT

Term of Employment: Full time, Seasonal

Compensation Range: $17/hr

Duties / Responsibilities

Full time (40 hours/week)
Full Season, April – December
Pay starting at $17/hour

  • Participate in all aspects of food production including greenhouse seedling production, planting, weeding, mulching, pruning, trellising, harvesting, washing, and packing produce.
  • Be an active member of a small team to take on projects, solve problems, and work together.
  • Harvest and pack orders for 400+ CSA shares and local wholesale accounts.
  • Potentially load and deliver CSA shares to various drop site locations around the Upper Valley.
  • Assist in the farm kitchen making sauerkraut and other value-added products in the fall.

How to Apply / Notes / Other Information

Root 5 Farm is a certified organic vegetable farm located on 38 acres in Fairlee, Vermont, along the Connecticut River. The fertile river bottom soils provide a rich environment for growing over 100 different varieties of vegetables.

We're dedicated to growing practices that use a holistic approach to soil fertility, pest control and plant and animal health. We build our soil through crop rotation, cover cropping, and minimal tillage and are committed to a healthy workplace, environment, and community.

All members of our tight-knit crew have their hands in the soil planting, hoeing, weeding, mulching, pruning, trellising, harvesting, washing and packing produce. In the spring our team also works together on infrastructure projects, and fall finds us in the farm kitchen making kimchi, kraut, herbed salts, and other value-added products.

At Root 5 Farm it's important to us that all employees enjoy:

A respectful, welcoming, and supportive work environment
All you can eat delicious vegetables and krauts
40 hour work weeks so you can rely on work day hours starting and ending on time
Time and half paid for any overtime hours in a 2 week pay period
Opportunities to grow and develop new skills
Opportunities to collaborate and provide input on the farm

For more information and to apply, head over to www.root5farm.com