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Advocacy Alert: Push the CT General Assembly on Climate!

Climate Coalition

By Dr. Kimberly Stoner

Farmers and farmworkers are on the frontlines of dealing with climate change worldwide. As we move into a strange new climate never seen before in human history, with deeper droughts, heavier downpours, more powerful storms, brutal heat waves, and unexpected polar vortex cold snaps, farmers and farmworkers have to deal with it all and still produce the food that feeds the rest of us.

Fifteen years ago, Connecticut promised to cut climate pollution and protect our future, but we are not on track as a state to meet our obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We need to make our commitments real. CT NOFA has joined the CT Coalition for Climate Action to maximize the power of organizations and individuals across the state to push our state legislators to strengthen the state’s climate law and address a range of climate actions: increase energy efficiency in homes and schools, create a cleaner transportation system, and help environmental justice communities to stand up to polluters. There is power in numbers, and 41 organizations are uniting to focus on pushing legislation through all the obstacles to become law.

The CT Coalition for Climate Action is organizing a big event at the state Capitol on Wednesday, May 24 from 10 am to 2 pm to push for climate action before the end of the session.

Action Item #1: If you can go in person, register here.

Action Item #2: Whether or not you can go, your legislators need to hear from you. Contact your legislators here to urge them to move forward on a series of climate bills before time runs out on June 7.

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