Local and National Campaigns Demanding Genetically Modified Food Labeling

Why Label Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)?

  • The European Union, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Russia and China have created laws requiring the labeling of genetically modified foods, and over 90 percent of Americans want GMO foods labeled. (1 )
  • Sixty to 70 percent of processed foods available in American grocery stores contain genetically modified ingredients;(2 ) a majority of non-organic meat has been raised on GMO corn and soybeans.

GMO Labeling Law Passed in Connecticut

From our blog: Connecticut’s House of Representatives passed a law that mandates that food containing GM ingredients will be labeled. Yes, there is a trigger clause which requires that four other states must pass similar legislation and that the states represent a population of 20 million people or more.  Yes, the bill is slightly watered down and a stricter law would be more effective – but it would not have passed.  However, this legislation is a thrilling step in the right direction.  With the number of states around the country that have GMO-labeling movements and have already drafted GMO labeling bills (though they have all failed), it is clear that the momentum has shifted toward consumer rights and honest labeling. Read more>

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