Resident Stewards

Employer: The Good Life Center

Work Location: 372 Harborside Road, Harborside, Maine 04642

Term of Employment: May thru Indigenous People's Day

Compensation Range: Live onsite at Forest Farm (Scott and Helen Nearing's homestead) with a modest stipend

Duties / Responsibilities

Resident Stewards’ main responsibilities include:

  1. Greeting and giving tours to visitors (individuals and groups);
  2. Assisting at on-site workshops and Sunday Night Speaker Series;
  3. Maintaining cleanliness and organization of the house, barn, workshop, garage, and yurts;
  4. Maintaining the established standard of the garden, greenhouse, and compost heaps (planting, weeding, transplanting, harvesting, spreading compost, general care of plants) *This is accomplished using Nearing methods as much as possible*
  5. Assisting Farm Manager with maintenance of the lawn lawn and homestead systems (electrical, plumbing, interior and exterior of buildings, Clivus toilet, outhouse, etc.);
  6. Proper maintenance of tools and equipment.

Resident Stewards’ additional duties include:

  1. Maintain a presence at Forest Farm during open hours of:
    1. Thursdays-Mondays, 1pm to 5pm (mid June to Labor Day)
    2. Saturday and Sundays, 1pm to 5pm (Labor Day through Indigenous People’s Day)
    3. Provide an additional 5 hours of work during each week (per Steward).
  2. Attend the Good Life Center booth at the Common Ground Fair (held in September)

Desired Applicant Experience

  • Knowledge of organic farming methods and willingness to use methods of Scott & Helen Nearing.
  • Willingness to live at Forest Farm (Scott & Helen Nearing’s homestead) and perform duties listed.
  • Ability to speak with visitors and give tours of the property.

How to Apply / Notes / Other Information

For more information and/or to send a letter & resume, please contact Warren at