Policy Director

Employer: NOFA/Mass

Work Location: Remote position, though the applicant must be a registered Massachusetts voter. Some travel within Massachusetts is required.

Compensation Range: $21-26 / hour

Duties / Responsibilities

Issue Awareness:

The Policy Director keeps the NOFA/Mass community current on issues, campaigns and events relevant to the policy goals of NOFA/Mass. They are the primary contact for NOFA/Mass allied national groups such as the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition and the National Organic Coalition, as well as with our sister NOFA chapters and several in-state coalitions. They remain current on related issues via list-serves, news and social media channels and participation with related organizations.

Campaign Development:

In consultation with the Board and Executive Director, the Policy Director organizes the Policy Committee to identify policy goals and develop action campaigns. They develop strategies for using NOFA/Mass resources (organizational credibility, our committed membership, special relationship to the issues, etc.) to achieve progress on selected issues.

Current NOFA/Mass priority campaigns include:

  • Driving the creation of a Massachusetts Healthy Soils Program to scale out agricultural and land care practices which will protect and build soils as a matter of climate adaptation and mitigation.
  • Supporting pesticides reform, including restrictions on the use of pollinator-killing class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids, glyphosate and second generation anticoagulation rodenticides, as well as the modernization of pesticides regulation more generally.


  1. Maintain a regular column in the NOFA/Mass monthly newsletter and relevant portions of the website to keep members, supporters and coalition partners up to date on important issues and to mobilize them on grassroots advocacy campaigns organized or endorsed by NOFA/Mass.
  2. Engage in direct advocacy (lobbying) with public officials in the state legislature, state executive branch and the US congress to positively encourage and educate them on relevant legislation and funding priorities. Direct advocacy includes regular communication with legislative allies, the delivery of legislative testimony and organizing public participation in legislative hearings and other opportunities for public input.
  3. Engage with the press, allied organizations and the general public about positions and activities related to the policy goals of NOFA/Mass.
  4. Share ideas, resources, and contacts with the other NOFA chapters and related organic groups around the country.
  5. Serve as a resource for the NOFA/Mass Board, staff and membership with questions about relevant advocacy campaigns, movements, pending legislation, endorsements, coalition activities, news articles, etc.


Supervise Policy staff (currently including the MAPN Coordinator), interns and volunteers in helping with this work and developing issues that have been selected for action by the Policy Committee and NOFA/Mass Board.

Desired Applicant Experience

The successful candidate will offer:

  • a background/significant experience in public policy
  • experience playing a direct organizing role in advocacy campaigns
  • familiarity with the issue areas relevant to NOFA/Mass
  • experience with public demonstrations and events, speaking to the public or the press, and writing press releases, newsletter articles, leaflets or other compelling mobilization materials
  • ability and willingness to engage professionally with the offices of public officials as a registered lobbyist (for the earth!)

An ideal candidate will also have:

  • Experience engaging directly with the Massachusetts legislature, US Congress, Mass. Department of Agricultural Resources or related regulatory bodies
  • 3 or more years experience in organic farming or homesteading

Other position information:

  • The job requires awareness of IRS regulations on political action and lobbying activities pertinent to 501 (c) 3 organizations and of state requirements regarding lobbyist registration and reporting.
  • This job is largely performed remotely. The employee must provide basic office equipment to facilitate remote work (technology stipends are available)
  • Hours are flexible with some onsite and virtual organizational meeting attendance required
  • The employee must attend NOFA/Mass staff meetings and retreats, the winter and summer conferences, and virtual department meetings.

How to Apply / Notes / Other Information

Apply via the link on the NOFA/Mass website