What is “Organic,” Anyway?


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Certified Organic

A Certified Organic Farm is in compliance with the National Organic Program (NOP) standards, and has been inspected and certified by an accredited USDA certifying agent.  Products have been grown/raised without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones, irradiation, or genetic engineering.  The certification process is rigorous and requires extensive record keeping, payment of an annual fee, and an annual inspection.  Additional information can be found at their site.

The National Organic Program allows farmers who sell less than $5,000 worth of organic produce per year to call their produce “organic” if they follow the national standards.  This produce is not certified.

Becoming Certified Organic

Baystate Organic Certifiers certifies many organic farms in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Visit their website or call Don Franczyk at 774-872-5544 for more information.

CT NOFA Farmers Pledge

The Farmer’s Pledge, a program for CT NOFA members, is a commitment to farming, marketing and farm management in accordance with sound ecological and economic principles. It is separate and distinct from “Certified Organic.” There is no inspection process for the Farmer’s Pledge, but the farmers have signed the Pledge to show their commitment to its principles. CT NOFA administers the Farmer’s Pledge program in Connecticut. However, we do not investigate or make any guarantee that the individual farmer is complying with the Farmer’s Pledge.

Click HERE for more information and a link to download a copy of the currrent Pledge.



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