CT NOFA Farmer's Pledge™

The Farmer’s Pledge™, a program for CT NOFA members, is a commitment to farming, marketing and farm management in accordance with sound ecological and economic principles. It is separate and distinct from “Certified Organic.” There is no inspection process for the Farmer’s Pledge, but the farmers have signed the Pledge to show their commitment to its principles. CT NOFA administers the Farmer’s Pledge program in Connecticut. However, we do not investigate or make any guarantee that the individual farmer is complying with the Farmer’s Pledge.

Every spring, all our Farmer’s Pledge farms are featured in our annual Farm & Food Guide. Last year 12,500 copies of the Guide were printed and distributed all over the state at farmers markets, agricultural and environmental events, and wherever people were looking for healthy and sustainably grown food.

In addition the Guide is posted on our website, so your farm’s listing is available to everyone who visits ctnofa.org. It’s a great way to spread the word about your farm.

GET STARTED ANYTIME: Farms can sign the CT NOFA Farmer's Peldge at any time of year.

Getting started as a Farmer's Pledge Farm is quick and easy. Simply:

  1. Please join CT NOFA at the Farm Business/ Supporting Business level ($125*)
    Renew your farm's membership online, by phone, or mail
  2. Sign a copy of the Farmer's Pledge 
  3. Fill out "Listing Form" (for new farms or use to update to your farm’s listing)
  4. Send Pledge and Listing Form to CT NOFA's office (via mail or email)

Once received, we'll approve, laminate, and return it to you for posting where your customers will see it.  With that done - your farm will be on our website, in our guide, and on our map!  CT NOFA keeps a copy of the Pledge for our records. The Farmerís Pledge must be renewed each year, and CT NOFA will contact you each winter to get your Pledge updated.

*FARMERS: While member support is essential for our mission, our goal is to have the most complete listing of farmers who are striving towards sustainable agriculture. If your farm is very small (or memberships dues are an issue), we still want you listed in the Annual Farm & Food Guide and a part of the Farmer’s Pledge program. Simply go ahead and renew your farm at our lower levels ($30-60). Otherwise, please know that your Farm Membership dues helps CT NOFA put your farm 'on the map' for our consumer members, it support organics, it includes the Natural Farmer newspaper 4x per year, ... and it gives your family discounts to events and workshops all year long.

REMEMBER TO RENEW: Please renew annually (each December/January) to make sure you are included in each year's annual print-edition of CT NOFA's Annual "Farm & Food Guide". Should you miss the date, you will still be added to the map of farms and possbibly even PDF online.

POST THE PLEDGE: Display your laminated Pledge at your farm stand, farmersí markets, or anywhere else you do business. Got a website or printed materials? Add a 2017 Farmer's Pledge LOGO to show your organic know-how! Simply request one once you've renewed your membership and pledge.

Thank you for your membership & for farming in Connecticut!

Have questions about signing the Pledge or receiving more information, please contact the CT NOFA Office at (203) 308-2584 or Debbie at ctnofa@ctnofa.org.






126 Derby Avenue, Derby, CT 06418

phone: (203) 308-2584