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~ June 2010

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LATE BLIGHT ALERT and Early Blight

Sharon Douglass, the pathologist at the CT Ag Experiment Station in New Haven, has just confirmed the first case of late blight in CT this year.  The infected plant was from a backyard garden in Cheshire.  The plants were grown from seed and the gardener did not have a problem with late blight last year. The disease could have spread to the garden from commercial vegetable farms in the neighborhood or from local greenhouses, of which there are many in Cheshire.

Attached is an article written by Kim Stoner last summer with some information and links to websites.

Late Blight Management on Organic Farms 2010Webinar.

Learn about the late blight disease cycle, how to scout and diagnose the disease, and how to manage late blight on organic farms.

And here is a quick summary from last summer from Meg McGrath.

Here's a link to the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

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