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February 2011

GLEANINGS: n. 1. That which has been acquired by gleaning. 2. The monthly eNewsletter of CT NOFA. [Glean:v. 1. to gather relevant information or material by patient effort, bit by bit; to find out. 2. to gather grain or other produce (often: left by reapers); to harvest.]

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From the Executive Director

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 Bread and Revolution

"... the essential message is this: food and everything surrounding it is a crucial matter of personal and public health, of national and global security. At stake is not only the health of humans but that of the earth." Mark Bittman in The NY Times, Groundhog Day, 2011

These are exciting times in the local and organic food and farming world as more and more people understand this message. CT NOFA and its members are a big part of this developing trend.

Here's just a sampling of what's going on:

 In Connecticut, we have a Governor who really embraces agriculture.

CT NOFA is part of the Working Lands Alliance that will use this positive energy to push the "Keep CT's Farms in Farming." This initiative includes funding for farmland protection and programs to increase the consumption of Connecticut grown products. The goal is to increase the amount of CT Grown food that Nutmeggers eat from one percent to five percent.

CT NOFA's New Farmer Program is drawing lots of interest.

We need more farmers. Thirty aspiring and beginning farmers attended our Getting Started in Organic Farming conference in January, 2011. They learned about finding and leasing land, about crop planning, marketing, organic certification and programs and resources for beginning farmers. There was lots of networking over a delicious potluck lunch.


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CT NOFA & NOFA Events & Announcements     


NOFA Accreditation Course 

5-day course offered in RI ~ spaces still available! 

February 17 & 18, 22-24. See website for registration information.


Connecticut New Farmer Summit 

Friday, February 11, 2011

2pm - 6pm; Farmer Social and Mixer from 6:30-8pm at the same location
4-H Education Center at the Auer Farm
Bloomfield, CT


Planning Your Organic Garden & Starting Seedlings
Saturday, February 12, 2011
10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Common Ground High School, New Haven, CT 


winter conference logo 


29th Annual Winter Conference 


Growing Together Since 1982

March 5, 2011

Manchester, CT

Early registration discounts until February 19th. Volunteer for just 2 hours and receive an additional $10 off! 



Other NOFA Chapter Winter Conferences

NOFA-VT - February 12 to 14, 2011 

NOFA-NH  - March 19, 2011 

One-on-One Consultation Sessions with Agricultural Professionals - beginning February 18, 2011 and including Bill Duesing. Here's the brochure for locations and additional details.

CT NOFA is among several co-sponsors for two showings of the documentary Dirt - the Movie:
February 12, 2011 (snowdate: Saturday February 19th) - Berlin Peck Public Library, Berlin, CT, 12 noon to 3:00 pm. More>
February 17, 2011 - Barnard School, 170 Derby Avenue, New Haven, CT, 6:00 pm. Details>

Connecticut Flower & Garden Show
February 24 - 27, 2011
Hartford, CT
We are looking for volunteers to cover a booth during the show - contact us if you can help, particularly evenings and the weekend.

Healthy Yards, Safe Yards Conference

Saturday, March 19th, 2011
Kroon Hall, New Haven, CT

Organic Gardening Education Day

April 2, 2011
Locations throughout Connecticut
Details TBA

winter food logo 

coventry market1
Coventry Winter Market display 

To help us with this project, we ask that growers take a few minutes  to complete this survey.

Winter shares of CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) will be winding down soon, but it's not too early to check out shares for the upcoming growing season. Check our CSA page, and if you know of a farm offering shares this year and it's not listed, let us know. 
Also let your local farmer know you are interested in supporting their winter food growing efforts!

coventry market
Coventry Market  variety 
Winter markets in the news, and here

Claire Crisuolo and KALE.
carrot potluck
Potluck dish at the recent Getting Started in Organic Farming Conference 

If you have a favorite recipe using any winter-storage crop vegetables, please send it along.

Click here for more information>


Community Board 


IMPORTANT - The Connecticut Department of Agriculture is collecting information on any storm related damages to farm structures that will affect your farming operation. Information will be used to apply for federal government disaster relief funds. Please call  CT DOA office number (860)713-2503 to report any damages.


More on local farm losses here> 


CT NOFA has an opening for a 16 hour/week administrative assistant.  Details here> 


Check out the latest postings on the Community Board


Classifieds and Community Board notices are now maintained on our website.  If you have a notice you'd like to add, send it along to the office.

Guest Columnist - Bettylou Sandy

Winter Encouragement


snowdropsWith the deep cover of snow and the cold temperatures of this winter, it is hard to imagine the perennial vegetables and flowers are sleeping now.  Their root systems are growing to prepare for spring that will surely come.  The seeds dropped from the plantings of last year are snuggled beneath the blanket of snow, waiting for the warm sun to encourage them to sprout their heads and feet to bring forth their splendor of the season.


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In the News

The recent decision concerning GE alfalfa has been much in the recent news; here are some local and national responses, including steps for further action against this decision:


NOFA Interstate Council  

National Organic Coalition 

Maria Rodale
Organic Seed Alliance
Center for Food Safety
Organic Trade Association
Organic Valley

Members Aiki Farms and Hidden Brook Gardens are mentioned in this news story about the Town Farm in Ledyard.

Business members Natureworks, Kent Greenhouse and Sam Bridge Nursery were among the awarded Revolutionary 100 Garden Centers.  Congratulations!

New Haven's Diabetes Prevention Program and Chabaso Bakery Winter Garden

The NEW Farmer's Voice by filmmakers Beverly and Sean Corvino.

Other Items of Interest

Mark Bittman in the NYT: A Food Manifesto for the Future

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture is now accepting Specialty Crop Block Grant applications. Informational meetings and details here>

NRCS Funding Opportunity for On-Farm Energy Audits and On-Farm Equipment Efficiency Improvements. More>   


Environmental Quality Incentives Program's (EQIP)  Organic Initiative is another funding program, with a March 4, 2011 deadline.


Organic Apple Production and Marketing Webinar Now Available Online 


In response to the snack food lobby offering us February as "National Snack Food Month", the #20ate campaign was started. 

If you've been hearing about that hotbed of organic agricultural activities, Hardwick, VT, here's an announcement about this year's tours.

The best chicken BLOG ever.

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