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December 2010

GLEANINGS: n. 1. That which has been acquired by gleaning. 2. The monthly eNewsletter of CT NOFA. [Glean:v. 1. to gather relevant information or material by patient effort, bit by bit; to find out. 2. to gather grain or other produce (often: left by reapers); to harvest.]

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From the Executive Director

bill duesingCT NOFA and the Big Issues

"Because organic methods of farming, gardening and land care are among the most powerful tools we have for addressing the most serious problems with Earth's life support systems: the rapid loss of biodiversity, the great excess in the global flow of nitrogen and climate change."

"In one sentence, why are organic methods so important? " asked Cynthia Rabinowitz, one of CT NOFA's founding board members in 1982 and now a volunteer on the NOFA Organic Land Care Standards Committee, the other day.  She is preparing a lecture about the importance of organic food for a local cancer center.

Later I emailed her this quote from the top of a yogurt container with a more traditional reason: "The president's cancer panel recommends reducing cancer risk by choosing food produced without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics and growth hormones. Learn more at Stonyfield.com."  Stonyfield Farm was started by Samuel Kaymen after he was the founding president of NOFA from 1971 to 1981. However it took nearly 30 more years for the government to recognize the value of organic methods.


shannon raider
Shannon Raider-New CT Farmer Program Coordinator

For most of those 30 years, CT NOFA has been promoting local and organic food.  As we learn more about the importance of organic food, farming and land care to human and planetary health, it is even more important that CT NOFA continues to

Speak up for and promote organic practices,

Educate farmers, gardeners and land care professionals in organic methods and

Educate consumers in the value of organic food, farming, fiber and land care.


CT NOFA needs your memberships and contributions to continue and ramp up this important work.  Just this week, I was asked to participate in the working group that is developing Ag Policy recommendations for the new governor.  I'll certainly talk of the importance of organic methods for both mitigating and adapting to climate change. Click here to see the full report. 


I'll also strongly support the importance of community farms and gardens, smaller farms and the protection of farmland.

How you can help:

We are excited to see how interest in our Gleanings e-news has grown in the past year.  Over 3,400 people now get this email newsletter because of their interest in our work and in being connected with Connecticut's growing organic community.

However, only about 700 of Gleanings readers are CT NOFA members.  Their regular support plays an important part in our ability to fulfill our mission.  Many of them also contribute to our Annual Appeal.

Even a small donation ($10 or more) from a 1000 or so of our readers would make a big difference in our ability to train and encourage more beginning farmers, connect consumers with Connecticut's organic farms, support Connecticut's growing community farm movement and provide technical assistance to growers and organizations.

Go here to join or renew your membership in CT NOFA and here to make a donation.

Please email or call me if you have questions or suggestions.

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CT NOFA & NOFA Events & Announcements  

NOFA Accreditation Course

5-day course offered in CT, MA, RI

See website for dates and registration information

Getting Started in Organic Farming

January 29, 2011

New Haven, CT

CT NOFA Winter Conference
Growing Together Since 1982
March 5, 2011
Manchester, CT


NOFA/Mass Tri-State Bulk Order opens - January 1, 2011

Do you buy cover crop seed, fertilizers, mineral amendments, compost, potting soil, potato and allium seed? Would you like to save money on those items? If so, the NOFA bulk order might be perfect for you. Twice a year, spring & fall, NOFA/Mass organizes a bulk order with popular OG suppliers for distribution in CT.

The big spring order will be available to download on our website January 1, 2011, (paper copies are distributed for those without e-mail). You'll only have a month to get your order in, so start planning now! For more information contact Cathleen O'Keefe, Bulk Order Coordinator, (413) 584-6786, bulkorder@nofamass.org


The Coventry Regional Farmers' Market and the Coventry Garden Club are sponsoring the film "A Chemical Reaction" on January 23, 2011. CT NOFA will be tabling there, along with other green organizations and a farmers' market. Check out our events page for this and other upcoming events.

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Winter Conference Update

Once again CT NOFA will be hosting our educational Winter Conference at Manchester Community College, Saturday, March 5th, 2011 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. I am delighted to tell you our featured Keynote Speaker will be Shannon Hayes, Ph.D. of Sap Bush Hollow Farm. She is the Host of grassfedcooking.com, author of "The Farmer and The Grill", "The Grass-fed Gourmet", "Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture" and a working Three Generation Family Farmer. We are putting together a lineup of classes ranging from Mead & Non-grape Wine Making, Deer Fencing Options, Beekeeping, Urban Chickens, Managing Wood Lots, Biodiversity Gardening, Permaculture and I have much more in the works...stay tuned.


You again will be able browse and shop Local Vendors and exhibits focusing on food, gardening, farming, sustainable lifestyles. Lunch will be the Famous NOFA Organic Potluck. Hope to see you there!


Best regards, Teresa Mucci

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Community Board

2011 positions are now being posted on the Community Board.



Classifieds and Community Board notices are now maintained on our website.  If you have a notice you'd like to add, send it along to the office.

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In the News

cityseed logo

CitySeed has announced that Nicole Berube, a former CT NOFA Board member, is now the Executive Director. We welcome Nicole and look forward to continuing to work with her and CitySeed. And best of luck to outgoing ED, Erin Wirpsa Eisenberg!

Maine Pesticide Summit - with panelist Bill Duesing speaking about Connecticut's organic land care programs.

NOFA Interstate Council member Elizabeth Henderson's report: A CSA Mission to Taiwan
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Other Items of Interest

USDA Conservation Loans are now available.

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